10 Minutes, 720p HD Video and stereo audio



Fifteen years and dozens of countries in the making, this started by randomly shooting video while driving. For many years this was all it was, then, in 2014 it clicked as a project. It now consists of views from boats, helicopters, bikes, motorcycles, cars, and many other vehicles. Viewers are taken on an around the world trip through deserts, cities, jungles, and oceans. It is look at travel and adventure, the modes of transportation, the way we move about the world.



Liquid Cities: Video Art Festival; XY Gallery, New York City

Transvideo: Borderless Image; Diagonal Gallery; Santurce, Puerto Rico

Samples 2016 // Transvideo: Borderless Image; Aalto University Learning Centre; Finland

Conquistadores de lo inĂºtil: Happy little trees, pretty little mountains…; diorama gallery, Mexico City