Statement of Creative Interests


Curatorial practice had been on the periphery of my work for years, then it began to take a more central role. At this point, it approaches half of my research practice. The subjects I’m interested in are varied but often involve one or more of these topics: mapping, science, environmentalism, grids, and post-colonialism. My media focus is similarly wide as I’ve curated shows including paintings, photos, videos, performance, sound, installation, sculpture, and more. I tend to focus slightly more on installations that include interaction and/or time-based elements such as sound or video. Artists who work in an interdisciplinary manner are a priority for me.


Many of the subjects I cover in my curatorial work are also topics in my art practice. I consider the two practices to be linked in many ways. When I’m investigating a topic, I look at it from a plethora of viewpoints including that of other artists. An invaluable part of curating for me is that I’m not limited by my own set of skills and media areas.


Hans Ulrich Obrist says, “Many artists have not been able to realise their fondest projects. My role is to help them.” I agree with this statement. It is easy to pick art that has been shown already and is a known quantity, but it is riskier, thus potentially more rewarding, to work with an artist to create and present art that hasn’t been vetted. For example, when I worked with new media artist Ben Grosser for his solo exhibition, he exhibited an innovative gallery-filling interactive installation that had not been shown publicly before.


Furthering that notion, I feel like as an artist as well as a curator, I have the background to think about different ways of showing the same art. Time, money, and space constraints can make exhibiting some work a challenge. In the same regard, my years of teaching students to work with limitations also helps in this aspect of curating. I enjoy working with an artist to come up with a plan to show it within the constraints.


I’m currently very interested in the intersections of post-colonialism and environmentalism. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Columbian Exchange—the first round of globalism—and its impact on the environment.  My plan is to continue to work through previous ideas while continually searching for new topics, especially ones that fits the needs of the client, audience, and institution.