Double Vision II - Multi-channel Video Festival

April 10, 2013


Location: Basile Auditorium, Herron School of Art and Design

Eskenazi Hall, 735 West New York St., Indianapolis, IN 46202


Multi-Channel video work is a style that is often included in exhibition format but rarely seen in a festival type screening; therefore this festival will exclusively feature this format. Works in the screening will vary from two up to 64 channels (videos). Can attention stay focused on more than one video at a time? How can it play with perception and engagement?


Artists include: Charmaine Ortiz—Carolina Beach, North Carolina; Philippos Kappa—Athens, Greece; François Macré—Arrondissement of Gap, France; Adam Forrester—Athens, Georgia; Rembrandt Quiballo—Tempe, Arizona; Douglas Gast—Pullman, Washington; Stefan Petranek—Indianapolis; McLean Fahnestock—Long Beach, California; Malena Barnhart—Tempe, Arizona; Thomas Lewis—Indianapolis; Emily-Jane Robinson—London, UK; Inese Verina—Riga, Latvia; Paul Wierbinski—Germany



One Performative Night was a night of performance art both live at Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis and broadcast via the internet. In the middle of Fringe Festival but in a visual art setting, One Performative Night explored the overlap between the arts disciplines and the intersections between live and tele-presence performance art.


The evening is in periphery to another performance exhibition Low Lives. Low Lives was a one-night exhibition of live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time at three venues throughout the U.S.-- FiveMyles, Brooklyn; Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami; and labotanica, Houston in partnership with Project Row Houses. Several of the other Low Lives performances will be shown during the evening, interspersed with local performances.


Participating artists were Jessica Dunn, Kurt Lee Nettleton, David Jackman, Flounder Lee, Brian Priest, and Luba Winship.




Double Vision: A Dual-Channel Video Festival


This festival was screened at Herron School of Art and Design in the Basile Auditorium in conjunction with the photography and video exhibition Between History and Memory. Herron is located on the campus of Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The screening took place on Wednesday October 28th, 2009. Two Channel video work is a style that is often included in exhibition format but rarely seen in a festival type screening; therefore this festival will exclusively feature this format.


Participating Artists included: Wim Janssen (Belgium), Dusica Drazic (Serbia), N_Drew (Indiana USA), Dahlia Elsayed and Andrew Demirjian (New Jersey, USA), Chris Brandl (Germany), Cecilia Beaven and Federico Guitierrez (Mexico), David Montgomery (Florida, USA), Claire Hodge (Canada), McLean Fahnestock, Jean Robison, Jeremy Eichenbaum (California, USA), Jason Dee (Scotland, UK), Jennifer Schwed (Washington DC, USA), Jennie Mynhier (Missouri, USA), Joaquin Palencia (Philippines), Joo-Mee Paik (South Korea), Duane Linklater (Canada), Liz Rodda (Oklahoma, USA), Mary Rachel Fanning (Illinois, USA), MIchael Szpakowski (UK), Nate Larson (Maryland, USA), Marni Shindelman and Perry Bard (New York, USA), and Rick Falck (Michigan, USA)


Curated by Flounder Lee; Juried by Brent Aldrich, Ashley Holland, and Flounder Lee



LA2ND brought several Los Angeles artists to Indianapolis for a video exhibition at Biscuits and Gravy Gallery in the Murphy Arts Center.


The artsts were Jeffrey James, Jocelyn Foye, Sierra Brown, Kyle Riedel, Desiree DeVirgilio, Jean Robison, Jeremy Eichenbaum, Pascual Sisto, Jeff Foye, and Gordon Winiemko




Greater LA MFA Exhibition


MFA students from California State University, Long Beach kicked off the academic year by presenting two concurrent art openings that celebrate the work by graduate students throughout the greater Los Angeles area—Greater LA MFA: A Student to Student Invitational Exhibition, and CSULB’s MFA Open Studios. Greater LA MFA was on view from August 28 through September 7, 2005 with an opening reception at 5-8PM.


Co-Curated by Carleton Christy, C. Finley, Jeff Foye, Jocelyn Foye, Flounder Lee, & Jean Robison