Selected Recent Press and PR



Gulf News as an image

The National   as a pdf

Anna Seaman   as a pdf



Inverse Press as a PDF

LandEscape Interview   as a pdf



Art Dubai Blog

Samples 2016, Transvideo: Borderless Image




Sikka Art ushers in two-month art season - Kahleej Times

Sikka Press as a PDF

Water and Wind by Roozbeh Kafi



Sigmart10 VideoFocus

Six Pillars-Interference Talk and as a PDF

Fresh Art at IND Airport (Stuck at Airport Blog) and as a PDF

Airport Press Release

Kinsey Institute--The Right to Read



Nuvo--July 30th, 1945 and as a PDF

Art Tribune Magazine--Italians Away and as a PDF Frillici and as a PDF

Indianapolis Star--Artists celebrate Banned Books Week and as a PDF



Indianapolis Star--First Friday at SpaceCamp and as a PDF

NUVO--Jordan Bernier



Nuvo Cover Story and Astronaut Article Both as a PDF

Plymouth, Also

WFYI--Art of the Matter--Flounder Lee

NUVO--Mapable and as a PDF

Chopped and Stretched PDF

NUVO--Aerospacial and As a PDF

NUVO--TPS Reports and As a PDF

TPS Previews: PDF 1 PDF 2



Barcelona Art Contemporani Schedule as PDF

Indianapolis Star-Test Fest, October 21, 2010 As a PDF

Schneider Museum of Art as a PDF



Hedonist on RTV Serbia Part One and Part Two

Artbox on RTV Serbia

On the Cusp-One Performative Night As a PDF

Low Lives As a PDF

Absolute Arts-Interview with Flounder Lee As a PDF

Nuvo-Mind the Gap As a PDF

On the Cusp-Interview: Flounder Lee As a PDF

Cartophilia: Look and Listen As a PDF