One Minute Clip

Installation and Screen Shots

Hardware demo video

Some Things You Can Control, Some Things You Can't

10 minute videos (x2) on 5 customized CRT TVs, handmade variable electro-magnets


This piece was made during a month-long residency at untitledBCN in Gracia Barcelona, Spain in June 2016. It was created in response to the mass shooting that took place at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, USA while I was in residence. The video consists of candles burning while people and cars move by, ghost-like due to the slow shutter speed. It was shot throughout Barcelona and can be considered a memorial performance as well as leading to the video sculpture.

Each TV was modified with different types of magnets, this one was a handmade variable strength electromagnet controlled by a second-hand slot-car controller. Others included switches, buttons, and pulleys. They all affected either the cathode ray tube in some way, depreciating the video quality, but adding an interactive element.